New highlight sources: Feedly and Worldbrain

Two new sources to bring highlights from articles into Readwise this week!

The first is Feedly: an RSS reader and read-it-later app. To connect Feedly to your Readwise account, just head over to and hit the "Feedly" option -- your highlights will all sync automatically.

The second is Memex by Worldbrain: a powerful tool that lets you annotate, organize and share what you find online.

To connect Worldbrain, simply connect via Memex Settings > Import & Integrations from inside the Worldbrain app.

We hope you like the new integrations, and we have many more coming!

Import highlights from PDFs

We've finally bitten the bullet on one of our most requested but most fickle import sources: PDF documents.

You can now upload highlighted PDFs or email those files as attachments to [email protected] to be imported into your account.

PDF Import (7).gif

If you plan to take advantage of this feature, we encourage you to read the associated help document to understand some of the best practices. As we said, PDF is an extremely fickle file format!

→ To get started, read: Can I import highlights from PDFs?

Save highlights from podcasts using Airr

We've teamed up with the team to make it effortless to save your favourite quotes from podcasts as you're listening!

Just download the Airr app, and connect your Readwise account from your settings.

Every AirrQuote you make will then be automatically saved (including a link to play the audio in Airr, your caption, and a transcript of the quote if available) to your Readwise account. Here's what it looks like:

Screen Shot 2020-08-10 at 1.30.09 PM.png

Detailed instructions to set it up 👇

Paper book highlighting (OCR) v2

We've massively improved the paper book highlighting feature in the Readwise iOS app… in two main ways!

1️⃣ We've improved our text parsing algorithm a lot, meaning fewer typos and less time tweaking passages 🤓

2️⃣ You can now make a highlight across multiple pages:

My Movie.2020-08-06 17_26_32.gif

This has probably been the most-requested OCR improvement, so happy to be shipping it!

For you Android users, the app is coming very soon. Shoot us a quick email at [email protected] if you're interested in trying it out 🤖

Twitter Save 2.0 🐤

We just upgraded our Twitter Save feature so now you can:

  • See "stats" as part of public saves
  • Save threads privately by DMing @readwiseio
  • See Twitter avatars in Readwise
  • Attach notes to your saved tweets


→ To get started, connect your Twitter account to Readwise.

Export to Notion 🔁

You can now export your entire Readwise library to a beautifully formatted database in Notion.

readwise to notion integration.gif

Once the integration is configured, sew books, articles, tweets, and highlights will be automatically synced going forward.

→ To get started, go to Notion Export on desktop from your Readwise Dashboard.

You can also read all the details on how the integration works here.

For all you #roamcult out there, don't worry. Roam Export will be coming up soon :)

Email highlights as attachments to import 📩

You can now import highlights from Kindle iOS, Apple Books, Scribd, and a variety of others by emailing them as an attachment to [email protected].

If you've struggled with getting highlights out of Apple Books and into Readwise, this feature is especially helpful for you.

email apple books as attachments to readwise.gif

→ To get started, just email any highlight export as an attachment to [email protected]

Edit Highlights ✍

Huge feature alert! You can now edit the text of highlights.

This is great for cleaning up OCR highlights, fixing broken formatting (e.g., bulleted lists or leftover footnotes), adding missing context, and shortening, shortening, shortening.

Contrary to popular belief, the original highlight text is not sacrosanct. You can — and should — modify your highlights however you please. Add context. Add clarifications. Remove fluff. The sky is the limit!

→ To get started with editing, click the Edit icon (previously the note icon) on any highlight or use the keyboard shortcut e.

edit highlight.png

App Store Launch 📱

It's official: the Readwise is now fully released in the iOS App Store!

→ If you haven't already, download the full version here Integration ⚡

You can now integrate Readwise with the popular, open-sourced annotation tool is great for annotating both web pages while browsing and PDFs opened in your favorite web browser.

Any highlights you make in will be automatically synchronized with Readwise.

→ Set up the integration with Readwise